Praise for Soulful Birth


bec & zac- circle

‘I had heard about the many benefits of having the support of a doula in pregnancy, at birth and post-partum, and was keen to find out if Geraldton was so lucky to have one. I found Cath via her website, and I am so glad we contacted her. Upon meeting Cath, I felt really comfortable and reassured by her lovely nature and kind heart (as well as her experience as a doula, midwife and mother). It didn’t take long to convince the hubby about having a doula at our birth for support- he could see the benefits after our first birth prep session. I found the calming influence on my hubby (and myself!) the most useful aspect of having Cath around. I believe her presence at the birth of her baby helped us to have an amazing positive experience. Cath also encapsulated my placenta, which I believe helped me to recover quickly and keep me positive (even on no sleep!).’ – Bec


‘Initially I wasn’t 100% certain about what was involved with having a doula for the birth (I thought perhaps it could be intrusive). But after meeting Cath for our first birth prep session, I felt reassured by her wealth of knowledge and calm demeanour. One of the most important aspects of our experience with Cath was the birth education (stages of labour, hormones etc), through which I learned how I could help before, during and after the birth of our baby. I previously had no idea of how I could assist my wife through the experience. Having Cath by our side during labour for all the little things that first time dad’s might not think of or have heard about, helped me to remain level-headed and assist my wife through the more intense parts of labour (especially as my wife laboured over several days). We couldn’t give any higher praise to Cath for her role in the birth of our son.’ – Zac


‘Thanks Cath for helping us to heal from our first traumatic birth and giving us a deeply positive experience at the birth of our second child. Instead of fear and pain, you gave us practical ways to focus through labour and belief in the birthing journey. The ability to have a vaginal birth after caesarean section was only possible with your care and wisdom to negotiate and blend my own beliefs into the hospital system. A friend from beginning to end and not just on the due date… thanks for doing what has been done for centuries, one woman supporting another through birth.’ –  Jeannette & Gavin


‘We both find it hard to put into words our gratitude for your support and presence at our birth. We just feel so lucky to have had you as our doula, to talk to during the pregnancy and to then have had you by our side during the labour. You made us both feel so capable and positive! Her birth was far from what we’d planned or expected, but even what felt confusing and difficult at times was made easier by your presence. I felt safe having you nearby. You certainly helped our birthing experience to be a positive one!! We’ll never forget how much you were there for us.’ – Maja & Ben


‘Just wanted to write and thank you so much for your amazing support and guidance all throughout my two pregnancies and births. You really went the second mile – treating me with foot massages, walks along the beach and belly binding as well as making yourself available for advice and encouragement throughout the whole process. My last birth in particular was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I am so glad to have had you there to share it with me. Thank you!’ – Helen & Kim


‘Thank you Cath, we have learnt so much and feel well prepared to cope with whatever comes our way through the labour and birth experience.’ – Heather & Mark


‘I learned to interact with my wife in new and helpful ways. We became a better team.’ – Kim


‘I really appreciate Cath’s willingness to adapt the program to suit where we were at.’ – Catherine & Walter


 ‘Thanks again Cath for all your support and guidance on this amazing roller-coaster ride!’ – Trish & Daniel


‘ Cath’s classes were amazing! The absolute BEST preparation we could have had.’ – Donna & Olly


‘Cath did everything she could do to nurture and protect our birth space. We felt so safe with her there just knowing we could do what we needed to do. I can’t imagine doing it without her.’ – Iris & Benji


‘Woah! Cath made me face my fears right in the face (and they weren’t what I was expecting). It was so awesome and I am forever changed!’ – Chris & Gerry


‘The yoga classes exceeded my expectations in all ways! They provided me with techniques for labour, to increase my flexibility, focus my breath and learning to let go. Cath’s knowledge is amazing and I’d recommend her classes to every pregnant woman.’ – Kym


‘I feel so much more relaxed, open and connected with my baby after pregnancy yoga.’ – Soazig

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