‘Cath’s classes have definitely given us not only a deeper understanding of birth, but of each other.’ – Laura & Clint




  Saturday 1st July 9.30 – 12.30

 Fitzgerald Street Studio, $90 per couple

Register now:

0401 038 313 / cath@soulful-birth.com



Honest. Intelligent. Soulful. Grow your knowledge, determination and flexibility needed for an empowered birth.

Cath’s prenatal birth preparation classes are dynamic, hands-on, fun, informative and thought-provoking. They build a foundation for birthing in-awareness, no matter the location or events of your birth. Cath provides a supportive environment for you to explore the birth options that are right for you. Classes can complement or replace hospital antenatal classes.

Cath encourages you to discover what it is YOU need to know to give birth and become parents, thus class content is responsive to what is important to you, but can include:

  • building confidence and a pain-coping mindset
  • learning breath practices and relaxation techniques to help you move through the intensity of labour
  • creating your own unique map of labour
  • practicing using your body to help open your pelvis, body and mind
  • understanding the physiology and psychology of birth
  • special partner preparation
  • exploring what labour might look and feel like
  • holistic preparation for cesarean birth and assisted birth
  • games, visualisations, stories, role-play
  • embracing unexpected or unwelcome events
  • the compassionate use of drugs and epidurals
  • gathering evidence-based information and interacting positively with care-givers
  • postpartum transitions, newborn feeding, bonding and care
  • celebrating birth as a sacred rite of passage

up to 12 hours preparation – $450 per couple (private classes)

up to 6 hours preparation – $250 per couple (private classes)

One-off sessions are also available, customised to meet your personal needs. You may like to use a one-off session to discuss birth preferences, or to explore a particular topic or concern. $100 for a 1-2 hour session in your own home.

‘We are now able to reflect on our birth journey together and understand why we made the decisions we did and feel comfortable we made the right choices for us.’ – Ava & Sean


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